Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Best Online Learning Website to study and take tests

Now you can study and take your tests online without any problem because today I will provide you a very good website link which is really very useful and easy to use, using this website you can:

~ Study online
~ Take your own tests
~ Analyse your report
~ Ask any questions without problems
~ Take the test of any Class
~ Three basic subjects support

This is a very trusted site which I also use. You can signup from the below links for this site for free. But, before that read more instructions and get started without any problem.

Introduction to LearnHive:-

LearnHive provides Online Tests and Exercises for free! Easy to use, Basically used by Students of class 4 -10. Three basic Subjects Supported ( English, Maths, EVS ). All the Questions are in MCQ format. Can be used for Quizzes, International Olympiads e.t.c. Get your Taken Online Test Reports to Your E-Mail too. Questions rarely Repeated. Trusted Website, Virus Free, No spam.. Signup from the Below Link.

Link Signup With my Personal Taken Screen Shots:-

• I have Taken many Tests online using this website.. Some of them I have provided below.


You can Signup in this website from Here.

Signup using above link and start studying. Also keep sharing your marks with us. If I have missed any important Information here Comment below. Keep Visiting for more.

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