Monday, 9 November 2015

Top URL shorteners for making money

Today we are providing a List of Top URL shorteners for making money from your Blog. Many Website pays you money when you shorten your links and If anyone clicks on that Link's they will go to an advertised pages. And you will get money for that. Those money can be checked out by using online payment's like Paypal,Pyaza e.t.c. So, Just Read this article and see how Your blog pays you back.

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So, I will just provide you some shortener links. You just need to visit them and Sign up on their website to get money by shortening your links.

1. ( My Favourite ).

• is a very Good Website which pays you 2$ per 1000 clicks. You can also earn 20% by referring. It loads very fast and the Ads here are also good. Payment can be checked out By Paypal and Webmoney. Minimum payout is 5$

2. Link-Shrink.( My 2nd Favourite ).

This is also a very good Site which gives you Upto 4
$ For 1000 Click. Refer And Earn Lifetime – 20%
Commission. Minimum Payout - 5 $. Payment Method –
PayPal, Payoneer And Webmoney.


This is Also a Free URL Shortening Service That Will Pay You -       $4 For 1000 Visitors. You Can Also Refer Users and Earn 20%
Commission, $5 Is Minimum Payout through PayPal or


This is Also a Free URL Shortening Service That Will Pay 9 $ For 1000 Visitors On Your Link. Capture Screen + Shorten URL = Cash
Refer Users and Get A Massive - 40%Commission. Payment Support – PayPal.


• Earn Up To $8.70 Per 1000 Visits To Your Short URL.
PayPal, Bitcoin supported. They Payout Users Every Month for Earnings above $10.00. Referral Program: Earn 20% Of Revenue
Generated By Your Referrals... For Life!

6. CashFly

A Free URL Shortening Service That Will Pay You – 5 $ For
1000 Visitors. Refer And Earn – 20% Commission. Minimum
Payout/Withdrawal - 5 $. Support – PayPal And Webmoney.


This is A URL shortener which is powered by Google. Just Visit the link, Sign in and Start.


You can shorten and Track your pages on this site. Very Good!

9. Ad7.Biz

• is one of the highest paying url shorteners for 1000 visitors you will earn more than $6.00 and how much they make depends on how many people that clicks on their shortest url and for refferal you will get 20% commission. You can payout using PayPal. Minimum payout is 1$

Signup Links for Shortener Websites:

• Signup for Ad7.Biz - Here..
• Signup for -Here..
• Signup for Bitly- Here..
• Signup for LinkShrink- Here..
• Signup in for Here..
• Signup for Cashfly-Here..
• Signup for CC.CC-Here..
• Signup for Ad.Fly-Here..
• Signup for

How to Shorten up the URL's?

When I sign up on these Blogs ( around 1Year ). It took me at least 1 Week to understand How do I shorten my URL's. But I understood at the last. So, you do not face these problems I will tell you how to shorten up the Url's with my personal screenshots.

• Signup on the Above Links ↑.

• For shortening The URL's you will see a big Rectangle box at the top.

• Just Type the URL and Click on shorten.
   For eg: If I want to shorten my blog/website link. I need to        put my URL (
   And then I will get a Shortened link like:

Now your Shortened link is ready for use. Share it on Facebook or on your blog and start earning.

So, please signup on the above links and start earning. Also give us a good Rating on Facebook. And Also Keep visiting Tricks4Intelligence for more.


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