Tuesday, 13 October 2015

How to earn Money Just by your Phone

If you tried my before trick "how to earn money by doing nothing" and failed or could not understand something don't worry today again I am going to publish an earning money trick. This trick is just based on A very simple step.

You just need to flip your phone or turn off its screen and you will earn money. Isn't it easy?? Yes it is. So to start you need to follow my below steps. Let's now get working!!

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Note: All the downloading links are given at the bottom..

Now, Step by Step trick for earn,
Step 1 : Register Here : Here.
Step 2 : After visiting above link, Select Cash.

Step 3 : And Register with Facebook or Email.
Step 4 : If you registered via Email then verify your Email.
Step 5 : Download the Slidejoy app from the Play store. [Download Link is in Download Section]
Step 6 : Install the App and Login.
Step 7 : You Done 90% Now the very important trick start which help you to make more earning.
Step 8 : Now Download The Simple Cover Lock.

Simple Cover Lock app automatically increase your earnings because this automatically locks your phone when you cover your proximity sensors. :) :) And if you have any other app download it because SIMPLE COVER LOCK does not work properly. I have just given an example with SIMPLE COVER LOCK.

Step 9 : Finally use your flip cover or just flip your phone randomly and get Carats [Point] [100=1$]
You can earn $1 per DAY

Download area:)
Download Slidejoy apk: (size 8.36MB) DOWNLOAD.
Download simple cover lock apk: DOWNLOAD.

 If you followed my steps you will surely earn money. Please try to share this post as far as possible..

Good job;) ;)


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