Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Avira Pro free 4 years license key download

It is very important to protect your computer because Many
Types of Virus and Spyware every day is making. Which
Can Crash or Hack Your PC and Thief Your Important
Information. So Does Not Possible To Secure Your PC
Without Antivirus. An Antivirus Gives The Protection To Your
Computers Against Viruses, Malware, Spyware, Hackers,
Spam And Other Internet Security Threats. So Every One
Recommended To Install The Antivirus In Computers.

So one of the best security (antivirus) I found was Avira. This was one of the best antivirus and was also much trusted. So, I thought to post its free 4 years license key.Original Price of This Antivirus Is $$48.99  (1 Year) but You
Can Get It, Absolutely Free From Here.
Features of Avira

- Protect your system from malicious attacks and the
- A scanner with a powerful e-mail . – Has Webguard and
browse the Internet safely .
- Backup and Recovery System features .
- Supports laptops .
- New parental control and protection of children.
- A powerful, high-speed scanners .
- Increase the defensive power of the Internet as a means to
defend against attacks and e-mail messages and spammers.
- To control the traffic on the Internet.
- Very easy to install.
- Application Block suspicious programs on the system.
- Monitoring system.
- Quarantine system for unknown viruses .
- The ability to comply with the new UAC in Windows.

What’s New ?
Improved performance
Reverted back to Antivirus Pro from Internet security suite
Increased malware and other adware protection
Increased reliability
Decreased system usage
Many more features added

Original Price of This Antivirus Is $$48.99  (1 Year) but You

Can Get It, Absolutely Free From Here.

Now let's begin with the steps..

**How to activate the license key??**
1. Launch the app and open Help >>> Licence Manager >>>
Extend Licence >>> "Licence File"
2. After it browse the licence key file and install it
3. You have successfully activated the licence and update
the app
That’s it. Enjoy ! :)

**Download Avira Security**
Download " Avira Antivirus Pro en_us "
Setup - Malware Protection - Free Download
[Version -][Size - 205 MB] HERE..
**Download the License key**
You can download the license key from HERE..


Blogger said...

I've used AVG protection for a couple of years, and I'd recommend this product to you all.

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