Friday, 9 October 2015

How to create your own Sign up page for your blog

Do you want to create a signup page for your blog??
It means that if any visitor visits your blog he/she need to provide his/her email id to go further.
This is not compulsory it can be cut from the above cross button.
So, if your in such a situation don't bang your head on the wall.
Just read the full article and you will be surely to do this..

I was also in such a situation but I understood how to solve this
problem and soon I tried this and became successful..
But now it will not come on my screen because I have removed it. So just follow my steps and you will surely become successful like me.

Things required for this trick:
* An E-mail Id.
* Internet Connection.
* A Little common sense.

                         Mailmunch: Grow your E-mail list.
So I know you email id and if not go to the gmail's page and create it.
Obviously this trick can not be performed without an internet connection.
And the most important thing is you need some common sense to understand this trick.

Good luck!!

  • Steps:
  • First of all you need to visit This website and create an account on it. Its totally free and you also need to confirm your account by the link they will sent on your provided e-mail address.
Just read their instructions and you will easily understand how to use mailmunch.

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