Monday, 30 November 2015

Download BitDefender Antivirus Free license keys

Download BitDefender Antivirus Free License Keys..

BitDefender is the Top most and the most famous antivirus for Mobiles and Computers which I, personally recommend you to download. It has many features like:

• Excellent protection
• Many useful add-ons
• 60-second scan option
• Automatic defense posture
• Secure browser
• Easy-to-use widget
• Virtual keyboard

• Pre-installed Rescue Mode partition.

These are some of its Awesome features.. And today we are providing its 12 Working License keys.. So keep reading and finally download the license keys but before this Read the below text's.

How To Activate the License Keys:)

1. Make Bitdefender account.
2. Click on My Subscriptions.
3. Click on Activation code.
4. Paste the license key.

5. Enjoy!

Download the License Keys from Here..
File Size 7.29 KB's.

Download BitDefender from Here..
( Recommended downloading the last One ).


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How to create your own blog

How To Create your Own Blog 

Today, We are discussing about creating your own blog. It's a good idea as everyone wants to have his/her own blog. So, Today I am providing a Basic Guide for Creating your own blog. Isn't this sounds Interesting? Yes it is! A Small and a simple guide powered by me. It contains all the Answers of your Future Questions. Let me describe below the Contents of this Guide.

• Creating Your Blog.
• Making it SEO friendly.
• Get correct custom Domain.
• Increasing Traffic.
• Sharing.
• Earning Money.

This is the Content of this Simple Guide. File is in .txt format. No survey to Download and No problems to Face. I have made this Guide as Easy as I can. With no Decorations and Extra Ordinary things. Download this guide from the Below link and Don't forget to download the Password too...


This is how the Front View Looks Like...

Now you are Ready to Download the Guide.. From  Here.. 
File Size : 78.38 KB's.

Note : You can not open the Guide. You need to use 
ES File Explorer/Your Computer for Opening it.

Note##; If the Above file did not worked for you or it opened in Some Programming Language please Type your Email address below and we will send you the File for free. ##

Download the Password From Here..
File Size : 07.21 KB's.

If you are Thinking Why should download this password and what is it for? Then I tell you This Guide is Encrypted by a password. So, you need to download this Password.txt. Don't worry there is no Survey for downloading The password.

Hope you liked this Post! Keep Sharing it! If you face any problems comment below or contact us with our Email. Don't forget to Like us on Facebook after you have Created your own Blog.

All the Best!
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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Best Online Learning Website to study and take tests

Now you can study and take your tests online without any problem because today I will provide you a very good website link which is really very useful and easy to use, using this website you can:

~ Study online
~ Take your own tests
~ Analyse your report
~ Ask any questions without problems
~ Take the test of any Class
~ Three basic subjects support

This is a very trusted site which I also use. You can signup from the below links for this site for free. But, before that read more instructions and get started without any problem.

Introduction to LearnHive:-

LearnHive provides Online Tests and Exercises for free! Easy to use, Basically used by Students of class 4 -10. Three basic Subjects Supported ( English, Maths, EVS ). All the Questions are in MCQ format. Can be used for Quizzes, International Olympiads e.t.c. Get your Taken Online Test Reports to Your E-Mail too. Questions rarely Repeated. Trusted Website, Virus Free, No spam.. Signup from the Below Link.

Link Signup With my Personal Taken Screen Shots:-

• I have Taken many Tests online using this website.. Some of them I have provided below.


You can Signup in this website from Here.

Signup using above link and start studying. Also keep sharing your marks with us. If I have missed any important Information here Comment below. Keep Visiting for more.

Also Contact us using our Email

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Monday, 16 November 2015

Download WinZip 20.0 Pro Setup + License key

WinZip is a very popular WinZip is a shareware file archiver and compressor for Windowsdeveloped by WinZip Computing (formerly Nico Mak Computing). It can create archives in Zip file format, and unpack some other archive file formats. This is a very useful application for Computer if you want to 

  • Distributing files on the Internet: Only one download is required to obtain all related files, and file transfer is quicker because the archived files are compressed.

  • Sending a group of related files to an associate: When you distribute a collection of files as a single Zip file, you benefit from the file grouping as well as compression.

  • Saving disk space: If you have larger files you can easily
     compress them and save your disk space.

So, these were some of the features of WinZip and today we are providing a working license key for this WinZip with a Pro version. It means you will have a double profit + Total easiness with the .zip files. So, download the file from the below links and do comment below if you like our post our face any problems. 

More Features:-

• Compress files to save space and reduce transmission times.

• Create Zip, LHA, and new Zipx files – the smallest Zip      files ever.

• Compress JPEG image files by 20 to 25% with no loss of    photo quality or data integrity.

• Open and extract from Zip, Zipx, RAR, 7Z, LHA BZ2, CAB,  IMG, ISO, and other archive files.

• Experience better performance on most files with LZMA compression.

• View international characters in filenames through Unicode support.

• Create and read Zip files larger than 4GB.

So, now you have got the full features of the WinZip and now let's get to working point:-

How to activate the license key:-

1. Download and Install Winzip (SKIP IF INSTALLED)
2. Open Winzip
3. Navigate to Buy Now > Register
4. Enter the Details Given Below
5. Click Activate
6. Done, Enjoy :)

Download WinZip and its license key from the below link:-

Download the license key from Here.

Download WinZip 20.0 Build 11659 Trial Setup For 32-Bit OS [60 MB] Here.

ThankU for downloading the License key! Just note the system requirements and You are Free!

System Requirements:- Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Real price of the WinZip is $44.

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Angry Birds Go! mod apk download | direct download link

Angry Birds mod apk can be downloaded from here. Full downloading link available. Angry birds go! Is one of my very favourite game and as you know the new update of Angry birds go! Is too big. Previously it was around 140MB and now it’s 322MB. The new version is 1.10.1 but we are providing version 1.8.7 means this is the 140MB file! Link is personally tested by me everyday so, you will not face any problems while downloading the file but yes, you need to comment below if you feel any problems with the links. So,coming up to the point. This is a racing game ( offline ). I know many people’s don’t like online games So, this can be played offline. You will have the choice of downloading both mod apk and normal apk ( not nodded apk. ) and as I recommend you should download the Normal apk because you will face many difficulties while playing the game and this will make it more interesting. After downloading the game file ( obb ) you need to extract it to Android/obb/angrybirdsgo.obb. Fully extracting steps are given in the below link. Before downloading the file I want to thank the for providing a working link without any survey. Thank you!

Additional information before downloading:-
July 2, 2015
50,000,000 – 100,000,000
•Current Version
•Requires Android
2.3.3 and up
•Content Rating

Also know more about this game at Play Store.

More Pictures can be seen in Play Store!
Because I have just given an example of this game.


So, I hope you have read the above information nicely. Now coming up to the download link which is present below.

• Download Normal apk v1.8.7 Here
• Download modded apk v1.8.7 Here
• Download the Obb v1.8.7 Here

Download the applications from the above links and the most important is to know how to extract the .obb file which can be known from From Here ←.

If you followed all the above steps you will surely Download and play this awesome game for the proof, I myself have downloaded this game form these links and its working fine on my android phone. So, keep visiting for more..

Thank You!
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Friday, 13 November 2015

How to share your internet data ( Idea and Airtel )

This is a new trick by which you will know how to share your internet data with other sim's. Only for Airtel and Idea! Previously we shared how to make your blog SEO friendly and now it's time to get to learn some new tricks. You can Easily share your internet data with other sim's for free and with no problems.

Transfer Data from Airtel to Airtel:

 SmS ADD<Space>Mobile number to 121. You can also see the below screenshot which I got from airtel.

Transfer Data from Idea to Idea:

To share your internet through idea, you need to register to Idea Easy Share.

• Now Select ' Prepaid Easy share ' if you are prepaid customer or 'postpaid easy share' for postpaid customer.

• Now select your Circle. And buy any pack ( if you have not brough ).

• Now you can transfer anything, talktime, SMS pack and Internet Mbs to other Idea Customer.

• Now to transfer Idea 2G/3G data to other Idea user, either dial this Idea internet data transfer code *121*121# or Login here...

• Now select how much internet data you want to donate or share. You can transfer 100, 150, 150 MB data. For this they will charge Rs 1, 2, 3 as convince fee.

So,this is the trick by which you can share any internet data with your relatives, friends and family members too.

I hope you loved this way of Sharing internet data.. Keep visiting Tricks4Intelligence for more.. To see our related post please Click Here.
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Thursday, 12 November 2015

How to make SEO friendly posts for your blog

Making SEO friendly Posts for your Blog is Easy. SEO means Search Engine Optimization which is just like a process of submiting your blog to Google. It can be done by following some proper rules and regulations which I am sharing here. So, welcome to a Golden Post of Tricks4Intelligence. Many people just Take a Blogging stage and start posting. They don't care about what is SEO and After some days they start searching why my blog doesn't appear in Google Search engines. This time I am here so no need of worrying. I am providing best Tips for SEO so this post will be a very helpful one.

Recommended post:- Earn money from your blog by shortening the links.

1. Use Permalinks:-

Permalinks Plays a very Important role in Search engine optimization. Remove the stopping words like A,An,The e.t.c from your posts. (See the example below which harsh has provided).

2. Stop Copy-Pasting:-

 As I know, many bloggers just copy-paste the contents from another blog's. Remember Google can detect this copy-pasting and may stop your blog from appearing into the Search engines.
I also highly appreciate the other blogger's who write the contents in their own. So Make sure and don't copy the contents from other blogs.

3. Maintain the Keyword Density:-

Don't write In Harsh/Poor Grammar words. This manipulates the Search engines. Make your Contents easy to understand.

4. Add Proper Labels:-

• Label plays a good role in SEO. Add proper labels to make your blog SEO friendly.

For eg: If you are writing for Google Chrome and Putting the Label Computer then it will harm the SEO friendliness.

5. Show Post Title First:-

This means that if my post is About Google tricks I should make my post title come at the first.


OK so read here:
• Tricks4Intelligence: Best Google tricks for free.
[ This harms the SEO friendliness. ↑ ]
• Best Google tricks for free - Tricks4Intelligence.
[ This is SEO friendly ↑ ].

We should always show the post title first because Google only checks first 52-53 characters. So the main Post title is missed and thus this makes the post not appear in Google search engines.
To make this change just go to Blogger>Edit HTML and search for this keyword:


and replace it with:

<b:if cond= 'data:blog.pageType ==

Note: Before Changing anything in HTML I recommend you to backup it.

6. Use Images:-

Images are very helpful in SEO like if someone is searching for images he can reach your blog for finding more information's about that image. So, I highly recommend to use images on your blog.

7. Use Custom Domain:-

You can also drive the Traffic to your blog by using your own custom domain name like .com, .org e.t.c. If you wish to get one you can get it from

8.  Use SEO friendly Templates:-

In my blog I have provided a post for downloading SEO friendly templates you can search for it and can download 8-9 SEO friendly templates.

9. Use Custom Robot.txt:-

• Custom robots.txt can be used to drive extra traffic to your blog.
Just copy and paste this in The Robots.txt box.


In you just need to remove it and provide your blog web address.

10. Write Quality Posts:-

Write your Posts in Easy words and in Good Grammar. Try not to repeat the same line every time. This can also make your blog SEO friendly.

11. Share your blog:-

Sharing makes your blog more popular and boosts traffic. Try to Share your blog on Facebook,Google+ e.t.c.

12. Keep Posting:-

Keep writing often on your blog by following the above steps. Try updating your blog in at least in 2-3 Weeks. 

I hope you will follow my above steps to get better rankings. You can also submit your blog to Google Webmaster tools and Rank your blog at Alexa ranking. These too make your blog SEO friendly and it will start appearing in Google search engines in at least 1 Week. So, keep posting and also keep visiting Tricks4Intelligence for more.

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Monday, 9 November 2015

Top URL shorteners for making money

Today we are providing a List of Top URL shorteners for making money from your Blog. Many Website pays you money when you shorten your links and If anyone clicks on that Link's they will go to an advertised pages. And you will get money for that. Those money can be checked out by using online payment's like Paypal,Pyaza e.t.c. So, Just Read this article and see how Your blog pays you back.

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So, I will just provide you some shortener links. You just need to visit them and Sign up on their website to get money by shortening your links.

1. ( My Favourite ).

• is a very Good Website which pays you 2$ per 1000 clicks. You can also earn 20% by referring. It loads very fast and the Ads here are also good. Payment can be checked out By Paypal and Webmoney. Minimum payout is 5$

2. Link-Shrink.( My 2nd Favourite ).

This is also a very good Site which gives you Upto 4
$ For 1000 Click. Refer And Earn Lifetime – 20%
Commission. Minimum Payout - 5 $. Payment Method –
PayPal, Payoneer And Webmoney.


This is Also a Free URL Shortening Service That Will Pay You -       $4 For 1000 Visitors. You Can Also Refer Users and Earn 20%
Commission, $5 Is Minimum Payout through PayPal or


This is Also a Free URL Shortening Service That Will Pay 9 $ For 1000 Visitors On Your Link. Capture Screen + Shorten URL = Cash
Refer Users and Get A Massive - 40%Commission. Payment Support – PayPal.


• Earn Up To $8.70 Per 1000 Visits To Your Short URL.
PayPal, Bitcoin supported. They Payout Users Every Month for Earnings above $10.00. Referral Program: Earn 20% Of Revenue
Generated By Your Referrals... For Life!

6. CashFly

A Free URL Shortening Service That Will Pay You – 5 $ For
1000 Visitors. Refer And Earn – 20% Commission. Minimum
Payout/Withdrawal - 5 $. Support – PayPal And Webmoney.


This is A URL shortener which is powered by Google. Just Visit the link, Sign in and Start.


You can shorten and Track your pages on this site. Very Good!

9. Ad7.Biz

• is one of the highest paying url shorteners for 1000 visitors you will earn more than $6.00 and how much they make depends on how many people that clicks on their shortest url and for refferal you will get 20% commission. You can payout using PayPal. Minimum payout is 1$

Signup Links for Shortener Websites:

• Signup for Ad7.Biz - Here..
• Signup for -Here..
• Signup for Bitly- Here..
• Signup for LinkShrink- Here..
• Signup in for Here..
• Signup for Cashfly-Here..
• Signup for CC.CC-Here..
• Signup for Ad.Fly-Here..
• Signup for

How to Shorten up the URL's?

When I sign up on these Blogs ( around 1Year ). It took me at least 1 Week to understand How do I shorten my URL's. But I understood at the last. So, you do not face these problems I will tell you how to shorten up the Url's with my personal screenshots.

• Signup on the Above Links ↑.

• For shortening The URL's you will see a big Rectangle box at the top.

• Just Type the URL and Click on shorten.
   For eg: If I want to shorten my blog/website link. I need to        put my URL (
   And then I will get a Shortened link like:

Now your Shortened link is ready for use. Share it on Facebook or on your blog and start earning.

So, please signup on the above links and start earning. Also give us a good Rating on Facebook. And Also Keep visiting Tricks4Intelligence for more.

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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Internet download Accelerator (IDA) latest version download

Whenever we download Files from the internet we need some Download Manager to Download the file Like IDM. We all have heard the name IDM which simply means Internet download Manager. But today and now you will download IDA which means Internet download accelator. It has many different features from IDM. Its really very fast as its name and you can download it absolutely Free from here so you just need to follow my below steps to achieve this goal. But First Let's get to know about its features and Steps so you can download it easily.


• Download videos and other files.
Pause/Resume feature.

• Preview option-which enables you to
play the video while downloading.

• Good download speed.

• The interface is quite clean, easy to use
and, in case you're looking for a bit of
customization, the developers have
included some minor tweaks that can
be done by applying new skins.

• It also integrated well with the
supported browsers and the scheduler
function proved to be quite handy for
delaying some downloads.

• Multiple downloads supported.

So, You have known the steps and now its time to look up for the Steps to download.


• Just visit the below link.

• The link is Shortened So, let the page load fully and Click on
 ' Skip This Add ' on the top. (I recommend using Google Chrome for visiting the Link).

• After you Clicked on' Skip this add.' Let the page load and you will be redirected to your link.

Setup Size= 5.7 MB.

Internet Download Accelerator PRO v6.5.1.1471 Final + Portab...rar Download from Here.


ThankU for downloading these files. Keep visiting Tricks4Intelligence for more.

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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Download SEO Templates for your Blog

Welcome Back to Tricks4Intelligence. As I changed my Web Version's Template. I knew many people will also like to change it. So, I came up with an idea to share some Very Good Templates for Blogger users.

Dont't worry All these templates Are SEO friendly. If you have never Known what is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You can read about it in a brief Description From Here. This Post Aldo provides you some very good ways of SEO for your blog.

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OK.. So what is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a Way by which the Google accepts your blog.

For example:  If you also have a blog and it doesn't appear in the Google search Engines you can Find the SEO techniques and Follow them on your blog to make your blog appear in Google search engines. You can also Find more about SEO in the above Link provided.

SEO Templates:

Just as you can Follow some Above Steps you can also Download Some SEO Templates to make your blog appear in Google search engines.

Note: Just Visit the below link to download some very awesome SEO templates.


• Visit the Below link and Download the Template.
• Search for more related templates from the below links.

                                             Visit Here.                        

                                               Example ↑.

Note: Download the File in .XML format.

How To Upload The Blogger Template

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Locate your Blog if you have more then one blog.
2. Click on More Options Drop Down and choose Template
3. Click on the Backup/Restore button on Top Right Corner
4. Click on Download Full Template button to backup your Old template for safety
5. Click the Browse button and locate the responsive blogger template.
6. Click on the Upload Button. And you are Done!

There are more Very Good Templates. I have just provided which I liked. Search more on Google And Download.


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