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How to bypass or unlock the pattern Password on any android phone without losing Data.

Pattern lock on an android device provides users a great security which
further prevents your smartphone with any accidental taps like theft or
misuse. If a user wants to use this security feature on their android
device then they have to customize it under the settings option in
It happens that sometimes users forget the pattern of lock of their
devices and in panic they start guessing the pattern and finally comes
with a problem of locked out. Users and dear users don’t be so panic
as if is facing any problem there is a definite solution to that problem
as well. If you face a locked out then you can bypass the pattern lock.

So just Follow my Steps and unlock your phone if you are in such a condition.

BEGIN Unlock & ByPass a Pattern Lock on
an Android Device Without Loosing Data

*The very first and important need is the ADB drivers that must be
installed in your PC.
*Then it is really important that the USB debugging must be
enabled before your device being locked.
*You should be very carefull while installing the drivers of your
device. This technique will not work without installing the specific
Users might feel really annoyed and irritated when they tried the
pattern lock several times in panic and unfortunately their android
smartphone displayed locked out. Further users cannot access their
android smartphone and at last need to bypass the pattern lock.

Just Follow the easy tutorial to Unlock an android’s pattern lock
without factory reset after when you have forgotten it. And yes its that
easy as it sounds.
*Users need to connect their android device via USB cable to PC.
*You must now open the folder where you installed ADB driver.
*Now you just have to click right on the screen’s blank area along

with hold the shift key and select “OPEN COMMAND WINDOW”.

*A window command will prompt and then you just need to type
the following:

adb shell

cd /data/data/

sqlite3 settings.db

update system set value=0 where name='lock_

update system set value=0 where name='


Once it has been done then you have to reboot your android
Now it is all done and set.
After following this guide tutorial now you can access your android
device as the pattern lock has been completely disabled.


*There is another method not to bypass the lock pattern on and android
device but to get your device being unlocked. It is through G MAIL.
When you face problem of locked out just click on forgot pattern and
follow the basic instructions that follow.

Friends, If you can't understand please let me know in the comment section below.


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