Tuesday, 23 June 2015


How to use Facebook,WhatsApp And Twitter for free.(Only For Airtel Users).

Hello Friends, Today I am posting a trick in which you will know how to Use Free Facebook,WhatsApp and twitter For free For all airtel Users.
One touch Internet

Airtel provides several Offers to its customers This time it has launched a Facility Of 'One Touch Internet' in which you can browse with No data charges even If you have no data connection. So You can get maximum 7 Trials in WhatsApp,Facebook and Twitter e.t.c. You will get Free 5MB data whin you activate these trials. So just follow my steps and get free Facebook,Whatsapp and Twitter.

  1. Open your Default Home Browser and go to http://one.airtel.in.
  2. Let the page load Fully and swipe down.
  3. Just Tap on "Free Trial" or "Start".
After That You will receive a Message "Congratulations Free trial activated......"

Note:You can not use any other things except for whome you have activated the trial.


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