Tuesday, 23 June 2015


How to fill up any type of Survey Form Very easily

Today we are sharing an important information about Filling a Survey Form. We download many things from the web but sometimes before downloading we Find that some of the Links are locked We have to Enter our Informations to Unlock the Link but In this post I will tell you a trick in Which you can fill those forms very Easily.

  • First of all go to any survey site and choose any survey but choose that type of survey which requires your information.
  • Example:"Do you want to go to shopping" survey. Or                 "Win an IPad this Holiday".
  • Start the survey and In when it asks to enter your information go to fakenamegenerator.in
  • And type all the information From it to the survey Site.
  • If everything goes right then the file will start downloading but if not Sorry to you.


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