Sunday, 21 June 2015


Laaptu Recharge Quiz Hack | Tricks4Intelligence

Guys, I was searching For some Kind of hack by which you can get a
free mobile recharge and I came across a site named , 
I searched every corner of the site then i finally got a glitch or kind of
fault which will help you get unlimited Free Mobile Recharge.

Here you can see they really paid, and I can earn good recharge
Before I tell you the trick, click Here
to create A new account.
After created your account, lets see the step

1. Go to quiz contest, and select play
2. Now right click on play now and select inspect element And You Will
see something like
< span>48</span>

Now you change the value 48 to 891. And you can start playing, now
all answer will be always correct. No matter how much you slow you will 
always win the quiz and grab the amount.


Debjit Mandal said...


syed tanzeel said...

Sorry! Debjit this trick doesn't works anymore.
You Try some other tricks.
Thanks for visiting.