Saturday, 27 June 2015


How to make your own Android Phone A WiFi Hotspot Network and Share Internet-Fox Fi.

Today We are Sharing A Valuable Information To All my Readers. In this post I will tell you How can you Make your Mobile phone A hotspot And share Internet Using "FoxFi".

Note:No Root Required.

  • FoxFi is an Application For android Which All of you can Download From Play Store Or By just clicking here.
  • Install FoxFi And just Follow my steps.

  1. Open FoxFi and Tap On "Activate WiFi Hotspot".    
  2. Turn On the WiFi of another Phone.
Now your WiFi will be connected And you can Share the Internet on any other Phone.

Note:To Check That No Stranger Can use your WiFi Data Please Set A Password By Clicking on "Password(WPA2)".