Wednesday, 14 October 2015

How to Find the License Key of any Software

If my Avira License Key doesn't worked Don't worry now I am bringing a Software to Generate the license keys. If you think "Does This Work"?? I tell you this is a working trick and it is personally tested by me. There are 2 ways to get the license keys.. If you want those Ways just read the Steps mentioned below..
1.First You Have To open Google Homepage or Google Front page.
2. Type there your Software Name and “94FBR“ (For e.g. ” Photoshop 94FBR“)
3.In Google search result you see your product key name or you can open any webpage link.

Use any product key and enjoy fully licensed software.

1.You can also use this trick using an software.(DOWNLOAD IT FROM BELOW LINK)
2.Download the Software from Here

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Good job :D :D
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Avira Pro free 4 years license key download

It is very important to protect your computer because Many
Types of Virus and Spyware every day is making. Which
Can Crash or Hack Your PC and Thief Your Important
Information. So Does Not Possible To Secure Your PC
Without Antivirus. An Antivirus Gives The Protection To Your
Computers Against Viruses, Malware, Spyware, Hackers,
Spam And Other Internet Security Threats. So Every One
Recommended To Install The Antivirus In Computers.

So one of the best security (antivirus) I found was Avira. This was one of the best antivirus and was also much trusted. So, I thought to post its free 4 years license key.Original Price of This Antivirus Is $$48.99  (1 Year) but You
Can Get It, Absolutely Free From Here.
Features of Avira

- Protect your system from malicious attacks and the
- A scanner with a powerful e-mail . – Has Webguard and
browse the Internet safely .
- Backup and Recovery System features .
- Supports laptops .
- New parental control and protection of children.
- A powerful, high-speed scanners .
- Increase the defensive power of the Internet as a means to
defend against attacks and e-mail messages and spammers.
- To control the traffic on the Internet.
- Very easy to install.
- Application Block suspicious programs on the system.
- Monitoring system.
- Quarantine system for unknown viruses .
- The ability to comply with the new UAC in Windows.

What’s New ?
Improved performance
Reverted back to Antivirus Pro from Internet security suite
Increased malware and other adware protection
Increased reliability
Decreased system usage
Many more features added

Original Price of This Antivirus Is $$48.99  (1 Year) but You

Can Get It, Absolutely Free From Here.

Now let's begin with the steps..

**How to activate the license key??**
1. Launch the app and open Help >>> Licence Manager >>>
Extend Licence >>> "Licence File"
2. After it browse the licence key file and install it
3. You have successfully activated the licence and update
the app
That’s it. Enjoy ! :)

**Download Avira Security**
Download " Avira Antivirus Pro en_us "
Setup - Malware Protection - Free Download
[Version -][Size - 205 MB] HERE..
**Download the License key**
You can download the license key from HERE..

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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

How to get unlimited likes in your Facebook page

Hey guys, After a very long time I am bringing to you a Hacking trick. Don't we see only some likes in our Facebook pages or images that we have posted. But this trick will hack those likes on your page and you can get more than 200 likes in just 15 minutes. Amazing!! Isn't it. This trick is very easy and very useful too and I recommend not to use this on your fair account or account that you use. By the way, its your mind to use this trick. So let's start with some Warnings!
Note: Please read the above warning nicely and don't blame me if any problem occurs..


The steps are very very easy..

*Visit following website and follow their instruction and get
unlimited like to your post,link,photo,etc...

1- (give you 150 likes every 15 min)
2- (give you 170 likes every
15 min)
3- (gives you 150 likes every 15 min)
4- (gives you 180 likes every 15 min)
5- (gives you 200 likes every 15 min)
6- (gives you 100 likes every 15 min)
7- (gives you
200 likes every 15 min)
8- (gives you 300 likes every 15 min)
9- (gives you 150 likes every 15
10- (gives you 250 likes every 15 min)
11- (gives you 400 likes every 15 min)
12- (gives you 250 likes every 15 min)
13- (gives you 30 likes every 30 seconds)
14- (gives you 65 likes every 15 min)
15- (gives you 100 likes every 15 min)
16- (gives you 100 likes every 15 min)
17- (gives you 195 likes every 15 min)
18- (gives you 200 likes every 15
19- (gives you 50 likes every 15 min)

Guys to visit the links just tap and hold and you will see an option "visit using" just click on it and you will be redirected to the link..
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How to earn Money Just by your Phone

If you tried my before trick "how to earn money by doing nothing" and failed or could not understand something don't worry today again I am going to publish an earning money trick. This trick is just based on A very simple step.

You just need to flip your phone or turn off its screen and you will earn money. Isn't it easy?? Yes it is. So to start you need to follow my below steps. Let's now get working!!

Also see: How to Download Youtube videos without any Software

Note: All the downloading links are given at the bottom..

Now, Step by Step trick for earn,
Step 1 : Register Here : Here.
Step 2 : After visiting above link, Select Cash.

Step 3 : And Register with Facebook or Email.
Step 4 : If you registered via Email then verify your Email.
Step 5 : Download the Slidejoy app from the Play store. [Download Link is in Download Section]
Step 6 : Install the App and Login.
Step 7 : You Done 90% Now the very important trick start which help you to make more earning.
Step 8 : Now Download The Simple Cover Lock.

Simple Cover Lock app automatically increase your earnings because this automatically locks your phone when you cover your proximity sensors. :) :) And if you have any other app download it because SIMPLE COVER LOCK does not work properly. I have just given an example with SIMPLE COVER LOCK.

Step 9 : Finally use your flip cover or just flip your phone randomly and get Carats [Point] [100=1$]
You can earn $1 per DAY

Download area:)
Download Slidejoy apk: (size 8.36MB) DOWNLOAD.
Download simple cover lock apk: DOWNLOAD.

 If you followed my steps you will surely earn money. Please try to share this post as far as possible..

Good job;) ;)
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Monday, 12 October 2015

How to earn money by doing nothing

Wanna Earn Money?? But couldn't understand how?? With this post you will understand how can you earn money by doing nothing.. You can earn 100$ in just one hour. But howww?? Just read this fantastic post of earning money and I am sure you will be swimming in fun.

Of course, its impossible to earn money just by sitting. But I found I Website that gives money just for Solving some Captcha's. Just read my full steps and if you can't understand something or confused just comment below.
  • First of all you need to visit a site. (THIS SITE)
  • Then signup on it.
  • Verify.
  • And continue earning.
  • If you get confused you can also contact them or read their full steps for "how to earn".

Just keep earning and also don't forget to Like on Facebook.
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Friday, 9 October 2015

How to create your own Sign up page for your blog

Do you want to create a signup page for your blog??
It means that if any visitor visits your blog he/she need to provide his/her email id to go further.
This is not compulsory it can be cut from the above cross button.
So, if your in such a situation don't bang your head on the wall.
Just read the full article and you will be surely to do this..

I was also in such a situation but I understood how to solve this
problem and soon I tried this and became successful..
But now it will not come on my screen because I have removed it. So just follow my steps and you will surely become successful like me.

Things required for this trick:
* An E-mail Id.
* Internet Connection.
* A Little common sense.

                         Mailmunch: Grow your E-mail list.
So I know you email id and if not go to the gmail's page and create it.
Obviously this trick can not be performed without an internet connection.
And the most important thing is you need some common sense to understand this trick.

Good luck!!

  • Steps:
  • First of all you need to visit This website and create an account on it. Its totally free and you also need to confirm your account by the link they will sent on your provided e-mail address.
Just read their instructions and you will easily understand how to use mailmunch.

Any queries or problems just comment below or contact us using

Also keep visiting and sharing our new posts with your friends and relatives.
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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

How to get Unlimited free Internet in Airtel

Guys, I have An Internet Problem so I am not able publish some of my best Tricks. But, don't worry Today I am going to give you such a trick that will work Perfectly.
Many people use proxies,VPN's to get free internet.
But this trick is not based on any such thing. That's why this is the bestest trick for you. Some more features of this trick are Given below.

And guys, I recommend my Visitors not to copy paste this trick.
As we know many bloggers are copy-pasters.
They just copy the posts.

Ok, now let's come to the part of this trick.

*No root or Jailbreaking needed.
*No Proxy
*No data pack required.

Note: Some of my visitors will feel sad to red this but this is important for you! 
##This trick will only work after 8:30pm at night and till 12:00am at midnight.
##This trick can not be used on 3G.
So, the speed is very slow. But you can use it for browsing,facebook,whatsApp e.t.c.
##Downloading supported but the speed is very slow.

If you get any knowledge about this trick please share with us in the comment section.


*First of all open your phone's keypad.
And activate A Zero Rental Pack on Your Airtl sim.
To activate: Just dial *121*11#
                     Select 3G
                     Search the Plans
                     And activate Zero rental Pack.

After sucessful Activation Just wait till 8:30-8:45 pm turn on your internet connection and start browsing.
Good job you have cracked the Trick.

You can activate unlimited times zero rental pack and the best thing that this pack costs RS.0


And also keep visiting NEWHACKZ4U for more..
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